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Want an affordable fitness option?
Unsure what to do for wellness success?
Don’t have time for personal training?
Have trouble sticking to a plan?

We’ve got you covered!

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Online Fitness Training
An online community leads to support, compliance, inspiration, knowledge and success
Peak Conditioning specializes in powerful online fitness training. With years of training experience we offer a unique online opportunity including a large library of workouts as well as live online options. We coach all forms of wellness and offer a community of support. Please explore this website to learn more about our effective approach to LONG TERM health and fitness.

"I have been enjoying Peak Conditioning work outs so much! The workouts are ~30 minutes and each one is unique so I never feel bored. Kate is easy going but at the same time will encourage you to challenge yourself in each workout. I love that most of the exercises are functional and will help to prevent injury and increase energy and strength. I would highly recommend this service to my friends, family and patients!" ~ Dr. Green

Our online fitness system is great for….
Busy working or stay at home moms
Single parents
Active professionals
At home exercisers
For those who dont like the gym scene
Parent and teen combos
Complementing your current gym routine

"As a single Mum, being able to workout from home has made all the difference. Kate’s energy is contagious and inspirational!"

– Emma

"I have reached a level of physical activity I thought I NEVER could attain."

– Elaine

"Peak Conditioning has been able to train me mentally and physically into believing that there is a better life....a happier and healthier one."

– Holly

"I have lost 20 lbs and dropped my pant size from a 14 to an 8. I thank Kate and Peak Conditioning for teaching me that a healthy lifestyle is achievable and maintainable."

– Joanna
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